Going digital has never been so easy!

With digital attribute certificates stored in Starwindow® Vault Service, the registered users can easily be engaged in digital communications and wide range of electronic transactions easily, yet in secure manner.

Establishing direct trust relationship requires strong authentication only once, thereafter enabling future interactions with respective service providers, without continuous dependency on 3rd party trust providers.

Starwindow(R) Vault could be considered as digital bank vault that secures your digital assets and attributes stored in your personal digital safety deposit box, access to which is granted only with keys in your possession.

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Starwindow(R) Trust Service

– Highly-automated security platform for trust providers’ services and applications:

– Easy creation of groups and engaging registered users to securely communicating, exchanging and digitally signing data and documents, based on the direct trust relationship that is established with one-time strong customer authentication (SCA).

Automated crypto operations and protected data storage ensures confidentiality of data and enables users to control access to their own data (SSI, Self-Sovereign Identity).

Starwindow(R) Crypto Phone

– Crypto Phone is our very own secure phone application built on top of Starwindow(R) security platform, enabling:

– end-to-end encrypted calls

– encrypted group calls

– authentication during the call

     Why to choose Starwindow(R) Identity platform?

Enhanced, individual security

Starwindow® Identity platform’s security is adapted for asymmetric public key (PKI) cryptography but enhanced with individual security generated by our very own crypto


Despite using own crypto, standard cryptographic algorithms are utilized, thus resulting the system being standard-compliant

Technology Independence

The service is technology-agnostic, i.e. its use is not dependent on any particular technology

Direct Trust Relationship

Direct trust relationship is established with one-time SCA only, enabling future interactions with the same counterparty, without a continuous dependency on third party trust providers

Centralized security, decentralized use

Cryptographic random security is created in central manner, yet it is capable of being          used in decentralized manner in variety of use cases

Automated PKI system

Automated key management, together with the centralized security features, makes the solution easy to use

Use cases

Add and store identity related attestations, attributes and certificates

Verify your ID remotely



Sign documents electronically

Securely log in to websites

Store other documents, e.g. electronic tickets

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