Looking for a simple, high-quality data compression method?

Gurulogic Microsystems delivers a pioneer technology that enables effective compression of all types of data, including images and video. In fact, we will double data transfer speed in all networks without hardware investments.

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Our flagship is the Gurulogic® MultiVariate Codec (GMVC®), a pioneer data compression method that uses multiple techniques to reach the best compression ratio in the industry.
The technology can be used for all types of data and it can be seamlessly integrated into the desired device or ecosystem.


We rely on human resources - in other words smart, passionate and motivated people.
Our professionals know the product inside and out, and their interactive way of working is a core of our innovations.


Because innovations are the core of our business, protecting them with patents is crucial to us.
GMVC® is a proprietary technology that has been developed independently from other technologies.