From pieces to a puzzle

Gurulogic Microsystems is a story of what happens when a great discovery meets business and talent.

In 2001, young programmer Tuomas Kärkkäinen was looking new job opportunities. Around the same time, an accomplished businessman Heikki Salmela, also known as the founder of a multi-national fast food chain Hesburger, was looking into providing office spaces for local start-ups. Kärkkäinen happened to approach him at the exact right time – more specifically right after he hung up the phone trying to find someone to help his business with IT issues – and the two clicked immediately. A couple of months later Gurulogic Microsystems was born and Kärkkäinen began developing surveillance solutions for Hesburger restaurants. The goal was to find a more cost-efficient method that would enable monitoring a facility via computer. They decided to attempt replacing expensive hardware with a software solution, and manage to cut the costs into a fraction of the norm.

They realized they were onto something, and applied for a patent. In 2007 and 2009 new innovations followed. Kärkkäinen came up with a completely new kind of video processing technique, and began to develop it further. In 2012, Kärkkäinen got in touch with a Nokia Technology Fellow called Ossi Kalevo, who had extensive experience in developing camera technology for Nokia’s cell phones. He joined the team, and that immediately resulted in several patents and Kalevo cultivated Kärkkäinen’s discovery into a multi-variate codec solution – the product that we now call Gurulogic MultiVariate Codec.

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