Linnankatu 34
20100 Turku


Heikki Salmela

Chairman of the Board & Co-Founder

Heikki Salmela is the godfather of Gurulogic Microsystems. He is a true entrepreneur who created Finland’s largest fast food chain Hesburger. He has a hunch for finding the just right people for each position, and his businesses continue to spread to new innovative areas. In 2001, Salmela decided to provide facilities for promising start-up companies. Tuomas Kärkkäinen approached him, inquiring about available office spaces. He was exactly what Salmela was looking for, and soon Gurulogic Microsystems saw daylight with a first task to develop a video surveillance system for the Hesburger chain. The success continues, thanks to the introduction of the industry leading GMVC® codec for universal data compression. In addition to Gurulogic Microsystems, Salmela is involved in numerous innovative projects. For instance, he is the chairman of the board at a wastewater treatment technology company called Clewer.

Tuomas Kärkkäinen

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

+358 40 509 7045
The co-founder of Gurulogic Microsystems Tuomas Kärkkäinen has over two decades of programming experience. He began developing security and video surveillance solutions for the corporate group Salmela-Yhtiöt in 2001, where his job was to design and implement camera systems and audio-visual software solutions for the nationwide chain of Hesburger restaurants. Over the years the technology has grown to serve wider audiences. Along with his current role as the chief technology officer at Gurulogic Microsystem, he actively develops the company’s coding, communication and security solutions. A true visionary who continues to come up with innovative ideas and new technological solutions, he also leads the orchestra and makes sure all the pieces fall into place.