Gurulogic MultiVariate Codec (GMVC®)

In today’s increasingly digitalized world, data centres consume as much energy as the global aviation industry. With bigger file sizes and higher resolutions the amount of data is growing exponentially, and at the same time the bar is rising for faster and easier data transferring – especially in the mobile environment.

GMVC® is a codec that delivers the best compression ratio in the industry. In fact, at Gurulogic Microsystems we believe that our technology can double the internet bandwidth without hardware investments. This brings significant advantages for ecosystems, consumer electronics, game engines, content and services providers, and content producers, just to name some.

GMVC®’s supreme efficiency in compression leads to a multitude of universal benefits:

    • Smaller file sizes: see more
    • Less memory required
    • Faster decoding times: see more
    • Higher quality service
    • Single format for all data

See the newest GMVC test results here

Main technologies utilized in GMVC®: see more

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