GMVC® has been intensively tested with e.g. various still image, video and audio types. Please contact us for more information.

Lossless relative sizes

To test lossless image compression performance, we have encoded an image set called "android_master_5000" with various image codecs. The image set was selected by taking the first 5000 PNG images from the Android source repository, in alphabetical order, and excluding 10 images that have 16 bit color component depth, which WebP does not support losslessly. So the test set consists of 4990 PNG images we call "PNG_orig".

Date of results:


Lossless sizes, relative to - lower is better

As it can be seen from the table above, on worst case, WebP consumes over 9 bytes and PNG over 53 bytes per one GMVC® CH encoded byte.

Brief explanation of codec titles used above.

Codec Explanation
PNG orig PNG files as they have been downloaded from Android repository.
PNG95 PNG file, encoded with highest PNG compression "95" of ImageMagick 6.7.7-10, libpng 1.2.50, Ubuntu 14.04.03 LTS.
WebP100 z9 Images encoded to WebP using lossless preset 9, cwebp 1.0.0, in Windows 7 64-bit.

Gurulogic® MultiVariate Codec (GMVC®), Compression Super Profile.
This profile has the best compression ratio, at the expence of decoding speed.

GMVC® CH Gurulogic® MultiVariate Codec (GMVC®), Compression High Profile.
GMVC® C Gurulogic® MultiVariate Codec (GMVC®), Compression Profile.
GMVC® BC Gurulogic® MultiVariate Codec (GMVC®), Balanced Compression Profile.
GMVC® Gurulogic® MultiVariate Codec (GMVC®), Balanced Profile. 
GMVC® BSP  Gurulogic® MultiVariate Codec (GMVC®), Balanced Speed Profile.

Gurulogic® MultiVariate Codec (GMVC®), Speed Profile.
This profile is the fastest one to decode, at the expence of compression ratio.

Examples of lossy compression

Date of results: 2016-05-25

Following test images are compressed with JPG, JPG2000, WebP (0.4.3) and GMVC® C profile using both lossless and different lossy quality ratios, and with PNG using lossless quality. Analysis graphs, below each test image, represent PSNR (in dB) against compression ratio.

echo.png: 800x600, 8 bit colors (Y)

deer.png: 4043x2641, 24 bit colors (RGB)

zone_plate.png: 3000x2000, 8 bit colors (Y)